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1st Saturday Bluegrass

An often multi-day bluegrass jam nestled in the Texas Hill Country at a historic schoolhouse with an attached RV park. Pickers and Grinners welcome.


Sorry for the delay in updating. The Oct 24th meeting went well from all accounts. Thanks to some windfall donations the finances of the community center have been stable this year, barring any major problems/repairs/unforeseen circumstances. Donations are still very much needed to make sure we have a rainy-day fund, and campers to help support the monthly operations.

The focus has been brought back to the jamming – the musicians. People are still welcome to come and listen – all of the jam rooms have some seating, and the stage is now open mic format (which is what it has been for the last year… the meeting just made sure everyone had the same expectation). Those who perform will get a chit/ticket they can use toward a free meal or one free night of camping.

All ages and skill levels are welcome. For beginners the jammers have all been there and we want to help people learn the etiquette. There is no required repertoire – while the jam has come out of the bluegrass traditions and they are the ‘common language’, many people bring in western swing, old time, celtic, older country music (since many bluegrass artists have also done country music), and even some classic folk/pop in some of the circles. This is a “bluegrass is a state of mind” jam.

Next Dates: Dec. 3, Jan. 7, Feb. 4, Mar. 4, April 1 (no joke!), May 6, June 3, July 1, Aug. 5, Sept. 9 (remember – september is second saturday)

We are always looking for bands (or even three banjos in a trenchcoat) to perform on the stage each month – it is an open mic set up. This is how those that love Pearl can donate time and skills to give back to the local community that lets us come in and have this wonderful space to meet friends old and new.

Meet Friends

You’ll find friends, old and new, tied by the love of Bluegrass and this old schoolhouse. You never know who might show up to jam!

Scenic Location

Held at an historic landmark school-turned-community center, nestled deep in the Texas Hill Country, 30 minutes outside Gatesville

And So Much More!

A bookstore packed to the brim, with a side of vintage treasures; homecooked food (and pies – never forget the pies!) on Saturday, with proceeds going to the Community Center


Play until you shout “I’ve got blisters on me fingers!” Four different rooms, plus plenty of room outside when the weather is tolerable. You never know who is going to drop by, and what kind of fun can be had. Some players come as early as the Thursday before to play and enjoy the scenery. Photo courtesy of Jerry Pool.


Saturday, starting about 1 pm there is a stage show of local musicians. The performances, held in the old school auditorium, are their way to give back to the community, as they volunteer for these sets.

Pies! (and more)

Did we mention there were pies? Drop by the kitchen from 11 AM to 4 PM (or when the food runs out! it happens occasionally) on Saturday for some home-cooked good ol’ fashioned southern food. Proceeds go to support the Community Center.


30 and 50 amp RV hookups available ($20 and $25 a night, respectively), and there is an area reserved for tent camping in the southwest corner.

We can’t wait to meet you!

If you have additional questions, contact us or check us out on: